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At Tech For Good Inc, we aim to maximize our impact and help as many people as possible. Interns allow us to increase our impact by helping out in a variety of areas: developing new solutions and reaching out to other organizations and communities.

We host internship seasons where students can join us and learn essential industry skills while developing solutions to help the world. We strive to prepare our interns for their future endeavors and offer a variety of different positions to fit any skillset.

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Past Projects

Point Shipping

Point Shipping allows people to scan products they aim to ship inexpensively, efficiently, and quickly. Point Shipping uses AR to measure the size of the product the user aims to ship and decides the best shipping carrier and type of shipping to use and purchases the exact label on your behalf.

Point Webinars

Our webinar solution geared towards academic institutions and small businesses that want to educate others. Offering a simple and inexpensive pricing model, Point Webinars offers a simple and easy to use webinar solution for audiences of any size.


Flant allows small businesses and organizations to optimize their cloud costs. Using spot instances, we are able to drastically reduce cloud costs, allowing the cloud to become an affordable option for small organizations and developers.


Neer is our ride-sharing service designed with innovative pricing structures designed to make both drivers and riders’ lives easier. Neer implements graph theory and various machine learning concepts in its algorithms to efficiently match drivers with riders.

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